Five Module Course

  • Set Up Your YouTube Channel

    Step by step instructions of how to set up your channel. Advice on selecting a name for your channel, tutorial on how to set up your channel, how to attract viewers with the right thumbnail and titles.

  • Making Your First Video

    Recommendations for the best camera, audio and lighting gear to purchase on a budget. Research tools to create the best videos for your market. Advice on script writing in order to sound comfortable in front of a camera.

  • Video Production

    Comparing editing your own videos verses outsourcing. Detailed instructions on how to edit your own video, add b-roll, voiceover and music. Tutorials on how to download and upload videos.

  • Daily & Weekly Content (2 Parts)

    A curated list of the best videos to create in order to drive traffic to your YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels. Learn from past mistakes and advice on ways to expedite your channel's success in order to generate more clients. Scripts, outlines and examples of each video.

  • Content Distribution

    Advice on the best ways to get your videos and content in front of the most potential buyers and sellers in your market. Recommendations of how to incorporate YouTube into your busy schedule as a Realtor. Connecting your videos to your sales funnel and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction: Why YouTube?

    2. Generate New Clients, Even as You Sleep

    3. Build Credibility by Providing Value

    4. Choosing a Name for Your Channel (a Case Study)

    5. How to Create Your Channel

    6. Titles and Thumbnails

    7. Creating a Thumbnail With Canva Tutorial

    8. Channel Description and Tags

    1. Be Prepared to be Bad

    2. Cameras

    3. Microphones and Audio

    4. Lighting

    5. Keeping Your Camera Steady

    6. Setting up a Channel, for Under $1,000 and Under $100

    7. Research Before Your First Video

    8. Script Writing

    1. To Outsource or Not for Editing

    2. Editing With an Easy to use Editing Software

    3. Adding B-Roll and Text

    4. Adding Music and Voiceovers

    5. How to Download and Upload a Video

    6. When to Upload Your Videos

    7. How to Build an Audience

    8. Launching Your Channel

    9. Time to Dominate Your YouTube Market

    1. Top 5 and Top 10

    2. Best Restaurants

    3. Pros and Cons

    4. Neighborhood Comparisons

    5. Cost of Living

    6. Monthly Market Update

    7. Buying a Home in (Your Town)

    8. Selling a Home in (Your Town)

    9. Get to Know (Town Name)

    10. VLog

    1. What's New on the Market

    2. Neighborhood Tours

    3. Moving to (Your Town)

    4. Home Tours

    5. Tutorials for Buyers and Sellers

    6. Local Businesses

    7. Real Estate News

    8. Local Events

    9. New Year Kick Off

    10. 24 Hours in (Your Town)

    11. Google Maps Overview

    1. Time Block for Video

    2. To Ad or Not to Ad

    3. How to Set up a Google (YouTube) Ad

    4. YouTube Analytics

    5. Connecting to Instagram and Facebook

    6. Connecting to Your CRM

About this course

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  • 52 lessons


Course Reviews

Hear from other real estate agents like you

“Toby's Youtube course has been one of the best investments that I've made so far in my business. I've been wanting to start a Youtube channel and just never knew where to start. Toby's course goes over everything you will need to have a successful channel. I've bought other courses throughout my real estate career and none have been explained in great detail like Toby's course does. I've even been able to email Toby questions directly and he's on top of it, he doesn't just sell a course and then you're on your own he is there to help you out. ”

Kristina Davidson

“Toby is the TEACHER realtor so it makes absolute sense knowing him that he would have a well thought out course. I would've taken a long time to figure out by trial and error how to get my Youtube channel started. It was so daunting to even think about starting one that I was not sure I would. His course helped tremendously with the learning curve. I believe that if I continue to do the work, I will have clients coming to me using YouTube like they do Toby. People do look at YouTube before moving to the area. Why not be the realtor they see first and start the relationship off by providing value to them? I have been putting together my videos to do the launch as suggested. He has been available to answer all my questions and even has watched my first video to give feedback. Thank you for all your help Toby. I subscribe to your channel on YouTube and in real life. :) Ariel Wright - Everything Augusta Georgia”

Ariel Wright

“I used to work with Toby many years ago back when we were both in education. Just so happens that all of these later, we're both in real estate! Toby's course has helped me tremendously to understand the benefits of YouTube and get going on a channel. I'd highly recommend signing up for the course if you're considering starting a YouTube channel. The course is well laid out, goes over everything you'll need to get started on a channel in detail. His helpful resources like outlines, sample scripts and videos have helped me to save a lot of time as I get the process started. ”

Wendy McArthur Trumbo

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